The Tulsequah Chief Mine owned by Chieftain Metals Ltd. is a proposed mine in Northern British Columbia.   

    Over a 5 year period, MEA has provided Chieftain (and predecessor Redfern) with assistance in obtaining and implementing permits from the:

  1. BulletBC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources;

  2. BulletBC Ministry of Environment;

  3. BulletFederal Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  

    MEA has served as the Client Representative, providing guidance to in-house staff and external consultants and attending regulatory meetings as the Redfern representative.  Technical aspects of the work has included:  

  1. Bulletmeteorological and hydrologic data interpretation and water balance preparation; 

  2. Bulletwater quality sample collection and data interpretation; 

  3. BulletML/ARD data collection and interpretation as well as long-term predictions including geochemical modelling; 

  4. Bulletsediment transport modelling and sedimentation control system design;

  5. Bulletcontributing to out fall diffuser design; 

  6. Bulletgroundwater and surface water quality prediction modeling; and, 

  7. Bulletwater treatment system specification development, amongst others.   

    This work secured a Mines Act Permit and a Discharge Approval under the Environmental Management Act, enabling construction of the mine to commence.