Provide direction to senior mining company executives regarding regulatory processes.  Review and guide technical aspects and work performed by other consultants.  Project management of baseline studies, EIA/EIS preparation and Permitting.  Public meeting support.


Waste Rock, Tailings and Overburden static geochemical assessments comprising ABA, Trace metals, Mineralogy and Short-term leach assessments.  Kinetic geochemical assessments including laboratory humidity cells, field-scale leach test pads and tailings supernatant aging test work and bioassays.  Use of the results of these assessments is critical to the outcomes of the water quality modelling assessments.


Dedicated to serving the mining industry, Marsland Environmental Associates Ltd. (MEA) is a small, responsive and innovative Environmental Engineering team with roots in British Columbia, Canada and experience worldwide.  MEA is able to provide flexible scheduling to meet critical timelines.  We have the latest communications technologies including web-based video conferencing to facilitate effective communication and to minimize the time and expense of face-to-face meetings, when appropriate.  MEA’s team has worked in the consulting field for many years and is adept at ensuring effective liaison between all stake holders, including regulators, First Nations and mining proponents.

MEA’s primary practice areas are Metal Leaching/Acid Rock Drainage (ML/ARD) prediction and management, water quality modelling, closure planning and Environmental Impact Assessments/Studies (EIA/EIS) and permitting preparation.  Our skills in the aggregate and metal mining industries have lead us to work through the regulatory processes associated with bringing new properties on-line or re-opening existing dormant properties, devising solutions to water quality issues faced during operations and planning for closure.  Due to the flexible nature of our firm we have experience in many other areas of the mining environmental industry including various aspects of the hydrotechnical, hydrogeological and management planning areas.


    Surface water and groundwater quality sampling and assessment, passive water treatment plant design, water quality database development and maintenance.  Comprehensive combined dilution and equilibrium water quality modelling for tailings facilities, open pits and pit lakes leading to downstream water quality prediction and impact assessment.


    Preliminary closure plans at the EIA/EIS stage of project development.  Complete closure plan designs either before or during operations or once mining is complete.  Closure plan field construction and implementation field review.